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Buy Canadian Citizenship, Citizenship for Sale Australia@ citizenshipsales.org

Posted by: Citizenshipsales on 12/23/2017 5:55 AM

A year millions of immigrants apply for Canadian Citizenship, however very few pass the test. It is rather true that the failure rate has increased during these days due to the poor knowledge about Canada. The Canadian Nationality Law determines who is eligible to be a citizen of Canada. Canadian nationality is typically obtained by birth in Canada. The nationality also can be granted to a permanent resident who has lived in Canada for a period of time.

To become a Canadian citizen, the applicants must meet some imperative requirements. These are given below:
Age (the applicant should be age between 14-64 years)
Permanent residence status
Time that the applicant lived in Canada
Income tax filing
, Language skills (The immigrant should know two official languages English and French)
The applicant must know about Canada, its history, geography, political system, constitution etc.

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